Mentorship Activities

Use this list for ideas of activities you might choose in order to tailor the mentorship experience to meet the needs of your mentee.

While the mentoring relationship is more than a single job shadow experience, you are expected to hold at least one of your meetings with the student at your place of business, as many students have had little exposure to different occupations or professional work environments.

Company Tours

Show the student your work area, various departments, labs, computer equipment, production areas, conference/meetings rooms, etc.

Informational Interview

Schedule 30-45 minutes with the student to cover your career history, share advice for ways to get into your career field or organization, and to discuss industry trends and future opportunities.

Connect with HR

Set up a meeting with a Human Resources representative to help your student learn about internship and job opportunities and to receive resume feedback.

Organizational Overview

Describe the purpose and function of your position and how it fits into the overall structure of your organization.

Day to Day Details

Let your student join a meeting, observe as you make phone calls and respond to emails, and see how you approach projects, customer or client interactions, and colleague collaboration.

Meeting with Colleagues

Set up a lunch or informational interview with colleagues to help your student meet others in your organization, observe organizational culture, and have an opportunity to network with additional professionals.

Company Materials

Provide the student with your organiztion's promotional, recruitment, or new-employee orientation materials to review.