Expectations for Mentors

We believe that mentors show leadership to those they mentor by modeling lifelong applied learning. As a mentor, you are expected to demonstrate the following behaviors:

  • Be available for meetings at reasonable intervals... about five or six times during the semester.

  • Value your student's time and fulfill your established time commitment.

  • Reply to emails and phone calls from your student within two business days.

  • Establish clear expectations regarding meetings with your mentee.

  • Encourage your mentee to set goals for the mentoring experience, to prepare questions, and to take initiative in your sessions together.

  • Communicate respectfully and responsibly with your mentee.

  • Evaluate your student, the program, and the experience at the conclusion of the mentorship program.

  • Contact the program director if you have any questions or concerns regarding your mentoring relationship or the program overall:

    Nancy Emerson,  Director of Business Connections, North Dakota State University College of Business                    ndsu.businessmentor@ndsu.edu or (701) 231-5562 (direct phone)