Mentoring 101

Mentors often learn from their students as much as they teach.  The following tips can help you create an atmosphere of learning as you develop a deeper rapport with your mentee.


The most important thing you can provide as a mentor is your time and attention. Be present to the student when you meet.


Sharing your own development and experience is essential, as is fostering a relationship based on mutual trust and support. Allow the student to benefit from the knowledge of your failures as well as your successes.


As a mentor, you are a guide, helping your student to understand and integrate his or her knowledge, skills, character traits, and relationship abilities... crucial qualities for success in any professional workplace.

Information Exchange

Your student will have questions. Come prepared to answer them to the best of your abilities.


People learn best in contexts of support and encouragement. As a mentor, seek to enable the emotional development of your student, encouraging his or her progress and passion.


Stories, dialogue, and even role playing a client interaction can be helpful. Listen to and learn from the student while finding ways to encourage their growth. Challenge your student to think on their feet and come to their own conclusions. Act as a sounding board for their ideas.