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Guiding Forward and Giving Back

Guiding Forward and Giving Back

At NDSU, caring mentors pave the way to successful careers. For example, the Business Connections program in the College of Business pairs students with professionals from the community.

The program helps students build relationships with area businesses as they gain valuable advice and a look at day-to-day job responsibilities. During the 2018-19 academic year, 67 mentors from 26 companies shared their knowledge with 82 NDSU students.

Junior business administration major Jennifer Melom was paired for a semester with Jay Peltier from Dale Carnegie. It was a priceless experience.

“Working with my mentor has given me guidance on constructing my personal values and goals – I now have a strong foundation to build my career,” said Melom, who is from Ashley, North Dakota. “The top skills I gained were taking initiative with networking, learning how to facilitate meetings and applying the advice I've been given into real scenarios.”

Peltier loved the experience, and he describes mentoring a student as a chance to give back to NDSU.

“Any time we have the opportunity to learn from someone else, it’s a great day. An opportunity to mentor and to help guide a young person through some of the challenges of being a young professional or college student is rewarding,” he said. “I believe in order to help create a better community, we must serve others. As a business owner it helps us in recruiting, scaling and understanding differences in the generational workforce.”

Shadowing Peltier at work, asking questions and assisting the Dale Carnegie director of operations gave Melom important insights into real world business issues. She hopes to use what she has learned in her future involvement with nonprofit organizations.

“I strongly believe that the Business Connections program is important for NDSU students. It pairs students with reliable, willing professionals, and I recommend the program to all students who want to excel in their careers,” she said.